Bypass Internet Censorhip

Why service is the best VPN to access blocked websites?

We offer cheap and secure VPN service with no logs, no hidden payments, and no traffic limits. When using our service, you can easily bypass any provider and state restrictions. Although governments are usually well aware that people use VPNs to avoid their restrictions, and they could try to block access to VPNs themselves, our service uses advanced techniques such as an alternative routing which helps to defeat such efforts, However, this can turn into a cat-and-mouse game where access to the open, uncensored internet cannot always be guaranteed.


We offer secured VPN that ensures your freedom.

We are building a better internet where privacy is the default. To make sure that everyone can benefit from this better internet, we offer a 100% free VPN service with:

  • No logs
  • No data limits
  • No speed limits
  • No catches
  • Double VPN as a stronger security

 While our paid plans give you access to full privacy, security, and anti-censorship capabilities, it is also available to everyone for free!

We are doing this because we value privacy and free speech and recognize them as basic human rights, so everyone should be able to afford a VPN, regardless if you can pay or not.

Get started by learning about our pricing plans and choose the best service here

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