Powerful Telegram Bot

What can our telegram-bot do?

Unlike other services, we have a full-fledged telegram bot that is tightly integrated with our website. You can easily buy subscriptions through the bot, renew them whenever you want, and manage your account settings. We will promptly notify you about all the latest news, service improvements, and never forget to remind you about the end of the subscription period through our powerful bot.

You absolutely do not need to register on the bot, we will do the entire procedure and generate a random account and secure VPN settings ourselves. You will just have to give a couple of commands to the bot, pay for a subscription and enjoy an uninterrupted and secure service. Plus, it’s safe. Really. Because 400 million Telegram users can’t be wrong.

If you don’t have Telegram, it’s time to install it. And if you do – use the button below to try our bot.

Powerful Telegram Bot
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