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We stand by our main credo “Zero logs. Really“. We do not have any web/system/openvpn logs on any of our servers. In addition to that, all of the data is encrypted on our servers. Any customer’s metadata such as username and password are randomly generated. We ensure that you stay completely anonymous while using our service.

Your account will be completely removed if your subscription is expired for more than 2 months.

This is our basic OpenVPN connection to one country, that provides unlimited anonymous Internet access, that is securely encrypting all your traffic, obtaining IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of the selected country with no logs. Portable option  is  also available to install on the OpenVPN application.

You can get your VPN subscription on our site or telegram bot.

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This technology allows you to use a chaThis technology allows you to use a chain of two different servers. For example, if you purchased DoubleVPN through the chain “Germany – USA“, when connecting to a server in Germany, your traffic is encrypted in USA (between our servers), and only then on external resources. This guarantees extra security. We ensure the highest possible level of encryption, as well as IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of the selected country. A Portable option is also available for installation through OpenVPN application.

When using DoubleVPN, you significantly increase your security, however the bandswitch may be reduced, especially when the connections on the server’s side are congested and the use of continental chains.

Find balance between surfing and safety!

You can order DYou can get your DoubleVPN subscription on our site or telegram bot.

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A regular proxy server does not encrypt the connection and tunnels only the Internet traffic. Unencrypted connection could be logged in this scenario. Another downside of proxy is that it must be set up manually (in browsers, etc.) and thus it does not offer the protection of a VPN. Unlike VPN, not all software supports proxy servers. A VPN got it covered.

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Yes, the usage of a VPN is completely legal. It is in your legal right to protect and encrypt your Internet connection and not leave any trace of your online activity. But any illegal activity over our VPN service is strongly prohibited (the subscription will be permanently blocked).

Any illegal activity (spam, port scanning, DDoS, cyber-attacks, etc) is strictly prohibited. If such incidents are detected, the subscription in question will be immediately blocked without a refund. Please, read the terms of use of our service carefully.

You don’t have to sign up to our website. When you start any subscription here, we’ll automatically create an account for you with a random username and password (you can change/reset them later). Also you can automatically sign up via our telegram bot after making the purchase.

Don’t forget to link account to our telegram bot after web-registration (you need to click on a “Link button” in the bot and follow the instructions). Now you can easily make all the necessary purchases and reset your password if needed (once and hour).

How to register for a account?

When you’re using our telegram-bot we do not store any of your personal data. This procedure is completely safe and very similar to web registration.

Your phone number is only needed to link your account between the site and the telegram bot and we never know and never log your mobile number (data exchange is processed exclusively between your browser and telegram servers). This ensures extra safety and convenience for further actions with your subscriptions.

We provide a 24/7 highly skilled support. You can ask your questions or require any help via telegram or feedback page.

Please note, that we do not offer telephone line customer support. Nevertheless, our agents will provide you with efficient assistance over the other two channels of communication.

We have three customer support teams:

1. General info: provides general information about the VPN service and it’s features; helps with setting up devices and accessing streaming websites securely.

2. Billing: help with VPN-subscriptions, accohelps with VPN-subscriptions, accounts and payments.

3. Connectivity: helps with setting up a mobile OS / home router; advanced connectivity troubleshooting; helps with connectivity in countries with internet restrictions.

We are always ready to help and solve any problem you might have.

Now we support Bitcoin and PayPal payments. Bitcoin is a fully anonymous and widespread cryptosystem. If you don’t have any bitcoins, you can simply get them on many sites like

If you are using PayPal Checkout, be assured that we do not store your payment card details, and you only interact with the payment system directly.

You can use any exchange service online. We recommend trustworthy and anonymous service You can find a complete exchange guide at this link.

1. First go to or Telegram bot and purchase the subscription you want, or click on an existing order to renew it. Then choose PayPal as a payment method. We don’t store any data (Name, Surname, Payment cards) on our servers. You interact with the payment system directly!

How I can pay with PayPal?

2. Log in to your PayPal account or fill in all the necessary payment details (Guest Checkout). Please use genuine information otherwise PayPal will block your payment.

How I can pay with PayPal?

3. Click on the “Pay Now” to finalize your purchase. You can also register with PayPal by simply checking the box.

How I can pay with PayPal?

4. After payment is finishes, you will receive website access details (if you haven’t been signed up before) and all the subscription details.

How I can pay with PayPal?

The order for your subscription renewal will be automatically created two weeks before the expiration date and you will be notified in advance through the Telegram bot. You can pay for this order on the website or the telegram bot (“Purchases” button the screenshot below).

You can also renew your subscription within 30 days after the expiration date (through the Telegram bot in the “Purchases” section).

When your subscription is about to expire, we will notify you all the ways possible.

Can I renew my subscription?

No, it doesn’t. An unencrypted connection is as fast as an encrypted VPN connection. In some cases a specific VPN protocol may throttle your speed, but this can be connected with some irregularities with your computer performance or bad routing to our location. We make sure to do our best to provide enough resources.

You can find cYou can find connection instructions for all Windows/Linux/MacOS/Mobile OS at this link.

A serious approach to business requires investments in new developments, security, dedicated servers, technical support. We are here for a long time and seriously. In any market there is one whose intellect in the competitive struggle does not extend beyond dumping – God be their judge. Working with us, you can be sure that you are working with a leader, your funds will not be lost, and the service will not disappear. Choose the best, not the cheap!

We choose a serious approach to doing business which involves constant investment and development, also highest level of security, dedicated severs and technical support. We’ve been in this business for long and we take it very seriously. Most markets still continue to use dumping as the best tool in winning the competition – May God be their judge. When working with us you can be completely sure that you are dealing with the leader and all your funds will be safe and always be there. Choose the best, not the cheapest.

Yes, you absolutely can. The only limit is two one-time connections. In the case of a triple connection, server will forbid all the new ones.

Technical questions about our service:

There is no need to register your account on our bot, if you already have an account. The first time you chat with the bot, click “Link Account” button and then enter your username and password. Or you will get a new account after making a payment for your purchase, which will be valid in the website and on the bot.

How I can register account through your telegram bot?

If you are experiencing some troubles with the connection, please make sure to check your firewall first (allow connection to host/port present in the configuration file). If that doesn’t help, contact our support team and we will try to solve your problem ASAP.

Currently you can connect two any devices per one sCurrently you can connect any two devices per one subscription.

No. Traffic is completely unlimited on all VPN servers.

We have a lot of IP-addresses on our servers and will change them as needed.

You can track the change of the ip-address on such sites as ( or check the status of protection on main page of our site (if the connection is successful, the bar at the top of the page should say that your status is Protected).

Sure, VPN-connection is fully transparent and you can use proxy/socks after connecting via any browser/application.

Yes, you can run OpenVPN through proxy/socks. To enable this feature follow the instructions below:

Windows. Click to openvpn-portable icon at the system tray, check “Settings” option and choose “Proxy” tab. Then fill in all the necessary gaps as shown on the screenshot below.

Is it possible to run OpenVPN through a Proxy/Socks?

MacOS. Click to “Passepartout” icon, then choose “Customize” and check the tab “Proxy“. Choose the “Manual” option and fill in fill in all the necessary gaps as shown on the screenshot below.

Linux. For linux platforms you need to edit the “*.ovpn” config-file. Open the config file in any editor and add the “socks-proxy” (or “http-proxy“) option to any place as shown on the screenshot below. Then save changes and restart connection.

Is it possible to run OpenVPN through a Proxy/Socks?

iOS. Open the Openvpn application, then choose “Proxies” menu, click to “Plus” icon and fill in all the necessary gaps as shown on the screenshots below. Then click “Save” and restart connection. Then click “Save” and restart connection.

Is it possible to run OpenVPN through a Proxy/Socks?

Is it possible to run OpenVPN through a Proxy/Socks?

You may install a sniffer (for example, WireShark) on your computer and monitor packets on the VPN-TAP interface. The information inside the package will be unreadable. In general, encryption is forced, regardless of the settings on the client side.

One of the resources that you can use is or our website. However, the speed depends on the servers’ load, so we recommend that you conduct a comprehensive assessment of the sites loading in different countries. As for the connection, all our servers are using bandwidth of 100Mb or more (except for Hong Kong).

If you are using an email client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac email client, etc.) and you can’t send emails while connected to our VPN server, please try to close your email client and start it again. This will solve the problem most of the times. If the issue persists, check your email client outgoing and incoming settings.

Please reconfigure your mail’s outgoing and incoming settings. You should not use port 25 to send your mail (the default SMTP port used by servers to communicate with each other). Please use port 587 and STARTTLS to send/relay email through VPN. It helps to prevent outgoing spam.

Explanation: Port 25 is used by MTA to MTA communication (mail server to mail server). It could be used for client to server communication but it is not currently the most recommended. Standard SMTP port 25 accepts email from other mail servers to its “internal” mailboxes without authentication, and  therefore it is susceptible to SPAM.

Make sure to always use encrypted traffic, to protect your privacy, data integrity and also for security reasons. You can find the list of default ports used for sending and receiving email below,that are both encrypted and unencrypted:

IMAP uses port 143, SSL/TLS encrypted IMAP uses port 993.

POP uses port 110, SSL/TLS encrypted POP uses port 995.

SMTP uses port 25, SSL/TLS encrypted SMTP uses port 465 or 587.

More detailed information can be found in this article

Questions about popular problems:

You can easily reset your password to a new random one through our telegram bot (“Settings” button) onсe an hour. If you haven’t joined our bot and have forgotten your password, please contact support (you must know your wallet which was used to pay for the subscription or a relevant bitcoin transaction number).

My password isn't working. How I can get a new password?

If you are sure that yourIf you are sure that your ISP is not blocking the VPN, try inserting into “*.ovpn“-file the options “ping-restart 0” and “keepalive 1 60“. Then you need to restart the OpenVPN connection.

This problem may be caused by the time synchronization service that is being enabled. If the system clock is more than 3 minutes different at the moment of synchronization, the connection may restart. We recommend disabling this service while using OpenVPN.

That means that your certificate did not pass the time test. The problem may occur in the system date, which is incorrectly set. Set the right date/time and the problem will be solved.

Please run file tap-windows.exe (as administrator) in “app\win10” folder (or “app\win7” if you are using Windows 7) and follow the instructions. Then restart the connection.

Your connection’s adapter is already used by another connection. To fix that problem you must add the new adapter using the tap-windows.exe program in the “app/win10” folder of the openvpn-portable application. Then restart the connection.

You must run this utility as an administrator (right click to file -> “Run as Administrator“). We also You should run this utility as an administrator (right click to file -> “Run as Administrator“). We also recommend putting the software folder in simple directories (without any unicode characters and spaces in the path).

To fix the problem, enable “Passive transfer mode” feature in the FTP-client or browTo fix the problem, enable “Passive transfer mode” feature in the FTP-client or in the browser settings.


Did not find the answer? No problem – just ask support!

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