Terms of Service


The following text of the agreement applies to all vpn.ws Subscribers (hereinafter referred to as the “VPN Service”). The main purpose of these rules is to clarify and interpret how the VPN service provides the services themselves, in which cases you (hereinafter referred to as the “user”) can use the service provided. In addition, actions that are prohibited for the VPN service are indicated. Using the services of our VPN service, you automatically accept all the following conditions.

Provision of services

The provision of services begins from the moment the payment is received. VPN service provides VPN connection services for the period ordered and paid by the client. The service administration does not logging of user actions on the Internet.

Payment for services

Payment for the service is made by crediting funds to the account of the VPN service in accordance with the ordered service. Payment is made in the most convenient way for the client using the bitcoin crypto system.


The use of service to inflict malicious actions on computers and Internet users. The use of service for spam mailings and malware distribution, purpose of hacking and port scanning (other illegal activity).

In case of violations, the Administration has the right to disable the client’s account without monetary compensation.

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